In consultation and in partnership with you, we identify strategic organisational objectives and pathways to achieve them.

We offer a range of support with the goal of developing social pedagogic practice in teams and a social pedagogic ethos within the organisation. The latter increases the efficacy of the investment in workforce development and potential to achieve positive outcomes for service users, significantly. See here for benefits to service users, staff and carers, and the organisation, see Be

Our approach is reflective and facilitative, guided by the goals of empowerment and enabling lasting change. We have the benefit of experience, having worked on a number of transformation programmes, both in social care and other sectors. Our work is guided by understandings of change management theories that are applied within a social pedagogic frame.

Included in our offer is advice on if, how and when to recruit and support Social Pedagogues within your organisation. Social Pedagogues embedded in teams can assist in shaping and maintaining the momentum of Social Pedagogy development.

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Some of our supported learning and development projects include:

  • London Borough of Brent
  • Lincolnshire County Council